INFINIUM Achieves Impressive 50 STC Ratings

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06.04.24 | INFINIUM News Content Hub

With a significant accomplishment in architectural acoustics, INFINIUM is thrilled to announce that our Quantum Double Butt-Glazed glass wall system has achieved an outstanding Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50. These results set a high standard for acoustic performance in commercial applications.

What is STC and Why is It Important?

STC is the measure of a wall system's ability to block sound transmission, with higher ratings indicating better soundproofing. A 50 STC rating is widely recognized as exceptional, capable of significantly reducing noise from neighboring rooms or external sources, such as traffic, industrial activities, or even loud music.

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Sound Testing

Our internal sound testing booth serves as an essential preliminary step in evaluating the acoustic performance of our wall systems. By using this controlled environment, we rigorously assess each system's ability to minimize sound transmission and identify whether the results represent a significant improvement or just incremental gains. This process allows us to fine-tune our designs and discard configurations that don't meet our standards, focusing instead on those that show genuine potential.

Once we isolate the wall systems with promising results, we take them to a testing facility for independent verification. This ensures that our final products are substantiated with third-party documentation, validating their effectiveness, and reinforcing the quality assurance our customers expect.


Other Recent STC Achievements

INFINIUM recently secured an independent third-party STC rating of 50 for our Refine Double-Glazed Unitized solid panel inserts. This achievement was driven by a client's specification which challenged us to provide proof of our system's acoustic performance and soundproofing technology. Since we didn't have the documentation for this requirement, we took swift action to obtain it through certified testing. Now, with this new STC rating, we can confidently meet our client's needs while showcasing our commitment to high-quality, sound-tested solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements from INFINIUM as we continue to innovate and shape the future of architectural solutions.

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