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Powder Coating Line

INFINIUM’s full-service in-house powder coating line expands your color range and increases quality while reducing costs and environmental concerns. With the ability to efficiently provide any finish at any time, out-of-stock finishes are a thing of the past. Nearly infinite color options are possible without added lead times, including RAL colors and custom color matching.


Because it doesn’t rely on harsh solvents during manufacturing and application, powder coating is exceptional in sustainability. Once fully cured, powder-coated substrates emit negligible to zero VOCs. In the interest of sustainable design, including powder coating in your spec should be a no-brainer. No matter what you need to coat, we have the equipment to get the job done right.

Performance Equipment

Using a high-quality fluidized hopper evenly distributes compressed air over the entire hopper bed, creating the perfect fluidization for powder preparation and ideal powder delivery. Premium electrostatic air spray application guns ensure precision, accuracy, and efficiency. Our entire operation allows for quick color changes and is ideal for metallic applications.

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Quality Certified Process

Achieving a premium finish starts with a quality thin-film pretreatment. Contaminants are completely removed during the rinse; at the same time, a zirconium coating is applied that helps with adhesion and the life of the aluminum. This environmentally friendly pretreatment method helps bond the powder coating to the metal, improves corrosion resistance, and increases performance in humidity, impact, salt spray, and cross-hatch adhesion testing.

The continuous conveyance system then moves the parts through an energy-efficient dry-off oven before the powder coating is applied in the containment booth. Finally, our parts are passed through the natural gas batch oven for curing. Our powder coating applicators are expertly trained, and our process is tested against the highest certification standards to ensure a precise finish that is made to last.

Our combination of finishing expertise and innovative design offers a distinct difference that delivers unique customer advantages like speed, savings, and unlimited color options. Utilize our powder coating system to expand your color range on hardware, trim, accessories, and more.

Paint Line

INFINIUM has the highest quality industrial paint booth system in the industry. Our paint booth provides a clean environment and minimizes contamination in our coated product.

An in-house paint booth offers the unique ability to color-match custom pieces of a project — Aluminum, wooden panels, MDF boards, other solid inserts, and electric or hydraulic door hardware can all be color-matched to your specs, offering customizability without added lead times. Coating all parts of your project under one roof provides 100% color accuracy for your complete design project.

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