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CH CS Taft Wide Landscape
05.21.24 | Case Study - Quantum Double Butt-Glazed Content Hub

Taft - Chicago, IL

With over a century of trusted advisory experience, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP (Taft) has thrived by consistently embodying a progressive, forward-thinking, and modern approach to legal practice.

So much so that when the legal firm outgrew their space, they engaged HED to redesign their office in the iconic Mies Van der Rohe building in Chicago, IL. It was decided that expanding to a new floor, rather than relocating, was the right choice to accommodate the ever-growing firm.

The three-floor, 105,000 sq ft renovation was completed over 5 phases and saw the transformation of an outdated office design into a high-end 2023 corporate space that reflects Taft’s contemporary culture and commitment to its clients through a welcoming and flexible space.

CH CS Taft 1up 2

As an homage to the firm’s history and heritage, the iconic “backslash” that makes up part of the Taft logo was incorporated into several elements of the design, from the flooring pattern that guides people through the space, to the canted flutes on the walnut paneling.

To celebrate their outstanding workplace culture, the renovation accommodated top-of-the-line amenities, and an office for each attorney. In the process, several interior rooms were demolished, and each office was designed with Quantum Double Butt-Glazed glass wall fronts, taking advantage of natural light and connecting the attorneys to each other. By selecting a double-glazed glass wall solution, high STC and privacy are still maintained while taking advantage of borrowed light.

CH CS Taft 3up Top Left 2
CH CS Taft 3up Bottom Left 2
CH CS Taft 3up Right 2

Because the project included expanding the office to another floor, this unique design modification required substantial coordination — lengthening the two-story staircase to three stories. The existing structure that joined the 27th to the 28th floor was reskinned and extended down to connect the 26th floor.

CH CS Taft 3up Top Left
CH CS Taft 3up Bottom Left
CH CS Taft 3up Right

Acting as the heart of the space and bringing together groups assigned to different floors, the staircase was re-imagined with a minimal aesthetic in mind, including curved glass railings, walnut stringers and black metal accents that play off the building exterior. A custom 10-foot light fixture is a modern interpretation of the traditional chandelier and follows the spiral of the stairs — an impactful way to connect all three floors.

CH CS Taft 1up

A primary goal for the three consecutive floors was to incorporate a client experience center which HED strategically oriented to showcase the iconic views of the Chicago River, Michigan Avenue, and the lake. The highly-branded space is flexible and welcoming — perfect to host an array of events from happy hours and depositions to guest speaking engagements and presentations. An employee café features biophilic elements and is used to host staff celebrations and gatherings.

A generous reception space, complete with a coffee bar and plentiful seating, warmly greets both guests and staff. Its illuminated metal ceiling draws inspiration from the nearby waterways. Just beside the reception area lies a lounge, equipped with concealed technology and movable furniture, ensuring adaptability and versatility. Additionally, a striking bar crafted from stone and metal is seamlessly linked to a catering pantry, ideal for hosting various events.

CH CS Taft 3up Top Left 4
CH CS Taft 3up Bottom Left 4
CH CS Taft 3up Right 4

It’s easy to see why this newly designed space has received The Chicago Building Congress Merit Award for Interior Design of the Year. INFINIUM is proud to have worked with HED and Valenti Builders on this award-winning transformational project.

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