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INFINIUM is made up of planners, thinkers, managers, family and friends. A passionate group working together to deliver better products, quality construction, and smarter solutions for you.

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Always have. Always will.

Shawn Gaffney, President of INFINIUM

People Headshot Gaffney Sr Shawn
est 2003 Shawn Gaffney President
People Headshot Gaffney Jr Shawn
est 2003 Shawn Gaffney Jr. Vice President of Operations
People Headshot Gaffney Ryan
est 2003 Ryan Gaffney Director of Business Development
People Headshot Fritsch Tom
est 2003 Tom Fritsch Director of Sales Operations
People Headshot Ontko Deneice
est 2003 Deneice Ontko Office Manager
People Headshot Goodwin Kenny
est 2015 Kenny Goodwin Controller
Distribution & Sales.
People Headshot Rusch Derek Jayson
est 2022 Derek Jayson Rusch Distribution Development Manager
People Headshot Gaffney Alex
est 2018 Alexandra Gaffney Regional Sales Manager
People Headshot Yanda Aschley
est 2018 Aschley Yanda Regional Sales Manager
People Headshot Schmitz Colin
est 2020 Colin Schmitz Regional Sales Manager
People Headshot Matthews Kristen
est 2022 Kristen Matthews Business Development Manager
Project Management.
People Headshot Zamecnik Jason
est 2011 Jason Zamecnik Director of Process Management
People Headshot Fritsch Steve
est 2014 Steve Fritsch Project Manager
People Headshot Voigt Neil
est 2018 Neil Voigt Project Manager
People Headshot Phelps Jim
est 2021 Jim Phelps Project Manager
People Headshot Doyle Connor
est 2021 Connor Doyle Project Manager
People Headshot Long Mike
est 2022 Mike Long Project Manager
People Headshot Zeszotek Caroline
est 2016 Caroline Zeszotek Project Coordinator
People Headshot Zeszotek Matt
est 2009 Matt Zeszotek Project Architect
People Headshot Bates Jordan
est 2015 Jordan Bates Solutions CAD Engineer
Field Operations.
People Headshot Batista Andres
est 2021 Andres Batista Field Operations Coordinator
People Headshot Irani Kamrynn
est 2022 Kamrynn Irani Field Operations Coordinator
People Headshot Wallace Marty
est 2022 Marty Wallace Installation Coordinator
People Headshot Wallace Tim
est 2022 Tim Wallace Installation Coordinator
People Headshot Shumaker Allison
est 2020 Allison Shumaker Marketing Coordinator
People Headshot Gaffney Gina
est 2020 Gina Gaffney Digital Marketing
People Headshot Norton Julian
est 2014 Julian Norton Solutions Manager
People Headshot Derkacs Jake
est 2021 Jake Derkacs Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Ross Mike
est 2021 Mike Ross Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Schmetzer James
est 2019 James Schmetzer Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Schmetzer Steven
est 2019 Steven Schmetzer Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Page Shane
est 2022 Shane Page Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Saraniti Megan
est 2022 Megan Saraniti Solutions Coordinator
People Headshot Webb Josh
est 2022 Josh Webb Solutions Engineer
People Headshot Haas Bruce
est 2014 Bruce Haas Engineering Manager
People Headshot Mayer Andrew
est 2021 Andrew Mayer Innovation Engineer
People Headshot Eldridge Brett
est 2022 Brett Eldridge Innovation Engineer
People Headshot Elasmar Eddy
est 2019 Eddy Elasmar Engineering Technician
People Headshot Reed Jack
est 2022 Jack Reed Application Engineer
People Headshot Breslin Kevin
est 2015 Kevin Breslin Director of Production Management
People Headshot Nimrichter Derek
est 2022 Derek Nimrichter Facilities Manager
People Headshot Calvey Jim
est 2006 Jim Calvey Production Manager
People Headshot Mollohan Jason
est 2011 Jason Mollohan Warehouse Supervisor
People Headshot Rojas Ernesto
est 2016 Ernesto Rojas Machine Supervisor
People Headshot Hebebrand Ronnie
est 2016 Ron Hebebrand Production Supervisor

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