It’s not just good for the environment—it’s good for business.

And it’s essential for our shared future.

As a leading glass wall manufacturer, we prioritize sustainability, minimizing our environmental impact through energy-efficient manufacturing and zero VOC emissions on our powder coating line. Our commitment extends to social well-being and economic resilience, demonstrated through green building programs and internal wellness initiatives. Guided by our ESG Report, we're dedicated to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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Environmental Responsibility

Through our certifications, INFINIUM guarantees that guidelines for developing high-performance and sustainable building products are met. It’s a win-win for builders and architects who choose INFINIUM, with benefits including lower energy operating costs, improved indoor air quality, potential tax rebates, and higher property values.

Sustainability Environmental Zero WELL2
Sustainability Environmental Zero VO Cs


As an American-made company, we encourage consumers to make informed decisions about the products they purchase. By disclosing the composition of our Quantum and Refine products and detailing the materials used, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental accountability while setting a standard for the industry, fostering competition and continuous progress.


Adhering to LEED V4 standards shows a commitment to environmental stewardship but also makes sound business sense in today's increasingly eco-conscious and competitive landscape. Through energy efficiency, water conservation, and the use of sustainable materials, LEED compliance enhances the overall quality of buildings and promotes overall healthier indoor spaces.


Embracing WELL V2 standards involves creating spaces that protect the environment and enrich the lives of their inhabitants. Focusing on human-centric design attracts health-conscious investors and clients. Addressing air and water quality, lighting, comfort, and mental well-being leads to greater employee satisfaction, improved retention rates and increased performance.


Transparency regarding the chemicals used in our processes fosters trust and safeguards clients and the environment. Understanding our products’ chemical composition is crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance and meeting industry standards. Our analysis drives ongoing innovation for safer, more eco-friendly practices.


Certified indoor air quality ensures a healthier work environment by reducing exposure to harmful pollutants, allergens, and contaminants. Prioritizing staff well-being directly leads to decreased respiratory issues, allergies, and other health concerns. Improved air quality also enhances cognitive function and concentration, creating a more pleasant workspace for everyone.

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Social Responsibility

Our people have always been the driving force behind our success and our culture is the most important asset we have. That’s why no effort is spared in making sure we take care of both our people and our culture. We will continually strive to maintain a positive impact on society while ensuring the well-being and growth of our employees and partners.

Sustainability Social IIDA Equity Roundtable
Sustainability Social Gymfininum
Sustainability Social Senior Unplugged


Fostering inclusivity ensures that our growing network encompasses individuals from diverse backgrounds, including females, minorities, veterans, and other underrepresented groups. By building an organization of people with varying skillsets that move and work together as one unit, we're constructing a workplace that fuels a culture of collaboration, understanding, and excellence.


Comprehensive strategies are in place to safeguard both personnel and operations. This includes diligent implementation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols, rigorous adherence to safety procedures, and the integration of advanced air filtration systems to maintain a clean and safe working environment.


Employee appreciation and teambuilding events cultivate a sense of camaraderie, while offering free counseling services highlights our commitment to supporting mental health. An office gym, comprehensive health insurance, and a comfortable work environment with various recreational outlets empower employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle for thriving both personally and professionally.


We prioritize employee growth and advancement through tailored hiring strategies, structured performance reviews, and targeted training programs such as CNC Machinist courses and SOLIDWORKS modules. Our initiatives, like the Product Development Challenge and 'Senior Unplugged' meetings led by founder Shawn Gaffney, enhance skills and preserve our organizational heritage.


We are dedicated to social responsibility — actively participating in fundraising initiatives to support our own scholarship that was set up in memory of our brother, Kevin W. Gaffney, to nurture future leaders. Our commitment extends to various charity events where we aim to create a holistic growth environment for our employees and give back to the community where we live and work.

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Economic Responsibility

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to constantly upping our game — we’re all about ethical wins, investing in innovation, and balancing financial success with long-term viability. Through responsible practices, and teaming up with suppliers that share our values, we’re committed to providing more economically sustainable products, services, and manufacturing processes.

Sustainability Economic Top American Made
Sustainability Economic Top Places To Work


When you choose American-made, you're not just getting a product, you're supporting local communities, waving the flag of quality craftsmanship, and fostering job creation within our communities. By sourcing and manufacturing domestically, we contribute to the resilience and stability of the economy while reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation and minimizing our footprint.


We value our team’s financial stability, with free financial advisement services, holiday bonuses, and a healthy retirement plan. Remarkably, 80% of our employees actively contribute to their 401k, showcasing their commitment to financial security. A corporate profit-sharing opportunity aligns our success with our employees' prosperity, empowering them to build their own secure future.


We embrace new initiatives to improve the quality of our products, processes, and daily lives of our employees. A major catalyst for change was moving into our new HQ facility in 2021, which saw the addition of energy-efficient equipment and lighting, as well as the implementation of a powder coating line offering cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced waste, and reduced environmental impact.


Integral parts of our action plan include setting and sharing targets, developing blueprints, and launching initiatives for energy, water usage reduction, and waste management, in addition to publishing verified EPD, LCA, and embodied carbon data for all products. We’re continually adopting more eco-conscious strategies with a sustainable purchasing plan for our facility and supply chain.


As a recipient of the NEO Top Workplaces title, we’re proud to illustrate our investment in the local community, helping to foster economic growth and resilience in the region. We prioritize creating a supportive work environment, maintaining high employee retention, competing effectively in our industry, and contributing to the economic sustainability of our business and our community.

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