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06.18.24 | INFINIUM News Content Hub

Community Impact

Impact is not just about the rigorous testing that we apply to our glass wall systems; it’s also about the positive footprint we leave in our community. Our company has had the privilege of engaging with and giving back to the neighborhoods we call home. From supporting local high school student-athletes in their college pursuits to hosting educational workshops and supporting local non-profits, our team is dedicated to making a meaningful difference and enjoying the journey along the way. These opportunities have made this summer not just a season of warmth and sunshine, but also one of connection, support, and lasting impact...


In May, we participated in the Saint Ambrose Opportunity Day where we welcomed the eighth-grade class to explore the world of glass wall systems at our manufacturing facility and showroom. This day was thoroughly planned to provide a comprehensive overview of various aspects of our Process, ensuring an engaging and educational experience.

The students divided into 4 groups, rotating through 4 different stations where they learned about our Preconstruction Solutions, Project Management, Production, Assembly, and Engineering teams. Essential protective gear was distributed to each student, emphasizing the importance of safety throughout the day. Team leaders were also provided with scorecards to keep track of games that were set up at each station, inspiring some friendly competition.

By all accounts, the bright young group had a fun and informative time with us at INFINIUM. A big thank you to the students and staff at Saint Ambrose for their time and attentiveness — And also to all our INFINIUM employees who helped us pull off a successful event!

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Later in the month, we pulled names for our annual KWG Memorial Scholarship Booze Raffle. This year we were able to raise $5,520 which was matched by our founder Shawn Gaffney Sr for a total of $11,140 to go towards the Kevin W. Gaffney Memorial Scholarship Fund. The 4 lucky winners took home a grand prize of 38 assorted bottles of liquor, a wine basket, a margarita basket, and a bloody mary basket. We wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without the help of our own Deneice Ontko who coordinated the collection of donations and managed ticket sales. Thanks to all who donated bottles and participated in the raffle which goes to a great cause!


One of the earliest and most profound experiences a child can have is the opportunity to imagine and create their own little world through a playhouse. For two little girls in our community, this dream came true in June, thanks to a few of our own and the incredible volunteers at Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity. The two sisters aged 8 and 3 were the lucky recipients of a custom-built playhouse tailored specifically to their needs and interests by a few creative members of our INFINIUM team. Prior to build day, the team learned that that they love to play school, so the design was built around a schoolhouse theme, complete with a chalkboard and oversized pencils inscribed with the young girls' names.

The playhouse build was part of a Greater Cleveland Habitat initiative where volunteers dedicate their time and skills to create these special spaces for children. Seeing their faces light up with joy and amazement as they laid eyes on their new playhouse was a priceless moment. It's this reaction that made all the hard work worthwhile, providing a lasting memory for the children and a rewarding experience for the volunteers.

The funds raised through these projects contribute to building full-sized homes for families in need right here in Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties. Each playhouse not only brings immediate joy to children like the two sisters but also supports the construction of real homes, helping families achieve stability and security.

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