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07.02.24 | Case Study - Refine Double-Glazed Unitized Content Hub

Newsday - Melville, NY

Completed in June of 2021, one of the goals for Newsday’s HQ relocation in New York City was to develop a design that honored the media group’s illustrious history, reflected their brand values, and strategically positioned the organization for future growth.

The company called on TPG Architecture to handle the strategy, design, and change management for the execution of the move. TPG’s contemporary, technology-driven design gave the new workplace a stylish and progressive feel to serve as inspiration for both visitors and staff. The use of INFINIUM’s Refine Double-Glazed Unitized glass wall system helps to portray a forward-thinking and innovative brand image, appealing to clients, partners, and employees. The office relocation also allowed Newsday to centralize and consolidate, bringing dispersed staff together under the same roof — Using glass walls in the design also promotes a culture of openness and transparency, which encourages employee collaboration and communication.

Employee feedback was important for Newsday’s new office design, aiming to ensure their team would transition into a comfortable work environment that met their current and future needs. The open floor plan design concept was heavily influenced by the desire to provide ample daylight and scenic views, also enhanced by the strategic use of glass walls to divide space while allowing natural light to permeate further throughout the interior spaces. This also increased employee well-being by reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating a brighter, more inviting atmosphere. By offering unobstructed views of the outdoors, glass walls created a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor environment, allowing occupants to enjoy the surrounding landscape from within the building.

CH CS Newsday 3up Top Left
CH CS Newsday 3up Bottom Left
CH CS Newsday 3up Right

During the project's early phases, TPG organized regular ambassador meetings with more than 25 Newsday department reps. These sessions involved interactive discussions, surveys, and mock-ups, revealing a strong consensus that the new office should align with Newsday's mission; to engage consumers and businesses by connecting them to the communities in which they live, work, and play. Finding engaging and dynamic ways to reinforce Newsday’s strong connection to the local community was essential.

The team created a dynamic art installation featuring previously published Newsday photos printed on metal panels at the main entrance. These photos, taken on Long Island are arranged to cascade up the walls and onto the ceiling, creating a powerful sense of movement. Just inside the entrance, behind INFINIUM's frameless glass pivot doors, the Newsday logo is prominently displayed. Within the main reception area, there is a large media wall, followed immediately by a printed map of Long Island, emphasizing the publication’s strong connection to the local community.

CH CS Newsday 1up
CH CS Newsday 1up 2

The "beating heart of the office, known as Newsday Productions, includes a broadcast studio, virtual set, multimedia theater, control room, large-scale monitors, and a "flash cam" for quick pans to reporters during live streams and broadcasts. The production center, equipped with 4K/HD technology, allows Newsday reporters to broadcast from seemingly anywhere on Long Island with the use of Augmented Reality. The interactive multimedia space features a large screen for presentations and is geared towards celebrating local community events and awards ceremonies, accommodating up to 186 people.

CH CS Newsday 3up Top Left 2
CH CS Newsday 3up Bottom Left 2
CH CS Newsday 3up Right 2

The work area features an open space layout, enhanced by large TV screens displaying the latest news and work updates. The spacious, centrally-located café is surrounded by numerous meeting and collaboration rooms, making it a bustling focal point of the office.

Employees in the workstation areas are seated on bench seating, benefiting from plenty of natural daylight. Several collaboration zones, mostly located near windows, offer a variety of open and closed spaces, lounge seating, and small huddle rooms.

CH CS Newsday 1up 5
CH CS Newsday 1up 7

The vibrant images of Newsday’s HQ illustrate how glass walls can help to eliminate visual barriers and make this open floor plan feel even larger, enhancing the continuity and flow within the overall space. We’re certainly proud to have been a part of this unique and beautiful space designed for the award-winning multimedia company.

CH CS Newsday 1up 6
CH CS Newsday 1up 4
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