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12.28.21 | INFINIUM News Content Hub

1. INTRO Apartment Complex — A 297 Unit Apartment Complex in Ohio City

INFINIUM is thrilled to be a part of the hottest new thing in sustainable building with a major local project receiving national attention. Slated to be the largest mass timber structure in the U.S., Chicago-based developer, Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors plan to build offices within the INTRO complex as a showplace for mass timber construction, complete with premium Quantum Single Butt-Glazed glass walls from INFINIUM. A recent Crain's article highlighted the significance of this project with a quote from Harbor Bay's Vice President of Government...

Cleveland's our flagship location for our mass timber projects. So everything we do from here started in Cleveland and grows from Cleveland."

Steve Willobee
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2. Cleveland Foundation — A New Home for the Community's Foundation

In fact, a second mass-timber building is simultaneously under construction in the city. We are equally thrilled to be a part of the Cleveland Foundation's three-story mass-timber headquarters in Midtown, with Vocon & Panzica Construction. INFINIUM Quantum Single Butt-Glazed glass walls will be installed in Cleveland Foundation's offices and meeting spaces, helping to further their mission of supporting our Cleveland neighborhoods!

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3. Limelight at Electric Gardens — Cleveland's 1st Integrated Live/Work Space

Last but certainly not least, another recently completed local project including INFINIUM glass walls is Limelight at Electric Gardens in Tremont. We had the pleasure of working with local companies LDA Architecture and Independence Construction to install Quantum Single Butt-Glazed glass walls in 8,000 square feet of coworking space on the first floor of the 132-unit apartment complex.

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We look forward to many more local projects, and many already in the works, as we prepare to move into our own new space on INFINIUM Way in Strongsville!

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