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04.23.24 | Case Study - Refine Double-Glazed Unitized Content Hub

Lufthansa - New York City, NY

When Lufthansa decided to move its American headquarters from its long-time location in East Meadow, NY to a smaller multi-tenant facility in Uniondale, they enlisted the help of TPG Architecture to provide design expertise to the project. The organization wanted to keep its strong legacy from the previous location, where a rich history and family-like atmosphere were cultivated. The goal was to create a vibrant new space that embodies the brand's identity, embraces diversity, and fosters pride among both visitors and staff.

The previous layout was traditional and outdated, with high-walled cubicles and minimal conference space. For the redesign, Lufthansa desired a more efficient and contemporary work environment with opportunities for breakouts and collaboration — TPG opted to incorporate INFINIUM’s Refine Double-Glazed Unitized wall system in clear anodized finish to create a clean and open workspace, in addition to removing the antiquated panels between stations, lightening up the space and creating an atmosphere of inclusivity.

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The new office is spread across three floors in the RXR Plaza and embodies a fresh, modern atmosphere. The reception extends into the main café, establishing a welcoming space that encourages collaboration. Beyond the lobby and café, the newly designed space features an open office floor plan with conference rooms, huddle rooms and casual meeting areas around the perimeter.

CH CS Lufthansa 1up 2
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The design team sought to integrate Lufthansa's brand into the new office design by incorporating various aviation-themed elements, creating an environment that would be both functional and engaging for employees. Conference rooms are named after international airport codes, and the furniture selected matches Lufthansa's corporate colors. A stunning cloud wall graphic and large-scale travel photographs from Lufthansa's collection were incorporated into the design, reinforcing the flight theme throughout the office.

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To ensure employee comfort and engagement, a mock-up of the proposed workstations allowed staff to explore the design and provide feedback prior to installation. New workstations feature height-adjustable desks, and the conference rooms were designed with flexibility in mind, offering various seating arrangements and amenities. Some conference rooms have cozy lounge seating, while others feature standing-height desks, allowing for a range of work and collaboration styles. Some conference rooms even have a combination of both, with options for every style and purpose of meeting. This thoughtful approach to the design process aimed to create a vibrant yet comfortable space where employees would feel at home and inspired by the brand.

CH CS Lufthansa 2up Left CH CS Lufthansa 2up Right

Lufthansa's move to their new American headquarters demonstrates a significant step toward embracing a more modern and inclusive work environment. The collaborative effort with TPG Architecture and the strategic use of INFINIUM's Refine Double-Glazed Unitized wall system has resulted in a dynamic office space that honors Lufthansa's legacy while offering employees a flexible, open, and inviting place to work.

CH CS Lufthansa 1up

The integration of aviation-themed elements and strategic design choices underscores the commitment to employee comfort and engagement. The transformation from a traditional, compartmentalized layout to a vibrant, communal workspace reflects a forward-thinking approach to office design. INFINIUM is delighted to have contributed to this project, which stands as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful design can have on an organization and its people.

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