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02.27.24 | Case Study - Quantum Double Butt-Glazed & Quantum Offset Single Butt-Glazed Content Hub

BBR Partners - New York City, NY

In 2020, amid the pandemic when most organizations were committed to remote work, family wealth management company BBR Partners announced their HQ move to the centrally located Park Avenue Plaza in anticipation of a time when workers could safely return to the office.

It was then that BBR Partners teamed up with M Moser Associates to create a space that supported BBR’s culture of collaboration and the belief that creativity and synergy are more easily achieved in person.

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BBR’s previous office consisted of 2 floors which created a disconnected, siloed environment. To alleviate this division, BBR chose a one-floor layout with more accessibility and space for increasing staff mentorship and connection.

The new office is designed around an open floorplan with alternative workstations dispersed throughout. Single booths for solo work and double booths for informal collaborative sessions give employees a variety of options for their workday.

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The space includes “destination points” at the end of each corridor that draw people through, encouraging activity and a blending of teams. The first area offers a vibrant and open meeting spot for employees to connect. The other location sits along a client-travelled path, including a more secluded section for one-on-one meetings or individual use.

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To accommodate BBR’s clients and their diverse needs, M Moser designed a range of meeting room types. The first conference space located directly off the reception area uses Quantum Double Butt-Glazed glass walls for maximum privacy, acoustics, and confidentiality.

Preserving the sharp views and accompanying daylight for the smaller client-centric conference rooms, a large boardroom used primarily for internal staff meetings is located at the office’s core. General rooms for formal presentations neighbor more casual areas with lounge seating that provides an accessible, welcoming atmosphere.

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Another consideration for the eventual move back to office was opting for a future-proofing wall system. While the highest STC ratings and subsequent privacy were a necessity for BBR’s client-focused areas, a single-glazed wall system was selected for other more collaborative office spaces. Alternatively, BBR wanted the option to modify the wall configuration should the need arise in the future. To address this scenario, INFINIUM proposed the Quantum Offset Single Butt-Glazed system, utilizing a double-glazed extrusion.

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In a typical single-glazed wall system like Quantum Center Single Butt-Glazed, the glass is set in the center of the extrusion. Placing a single lite of glass into the flush side of a double-glazed system allows for a low-investment, high-yield opportunity for future modifications.

Because of the client's desire to have both single- and double-glazed systems in the space, choosing offset in place of center-glazed also provided the benefit of both wall systems standing flush to the corridor side.

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The offset system affords the ability to add a second lite of glass and increase STC to a range of up to 50 in Day 2 design. It also provides a seamless flush-glazed aesthetic when adjacent to a double-glazed system, creating an even plane for a flawless look."

Alex Gaffney — Director of Sales, East Coast

Choosing to offset in Day 1 design presents the ability to evaluate the qualities of a single-glazed system regarding everyday requirements of the space and gives companies peace of mind knowing that future upgrades will cause minimal disruption.

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The collaboration between BBR Partners and M Moser Associates demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to office design, particularly in the context of evolving work environments. The decision to incorporate the Quantum Offset Single Butt-Glazed system underscores BBR's commitment to adaptability, ensuring that their workspace remains conducive to productivity and growth. INFINIUM is proud to have been part of this project exemplifying the transformative power of thoughtful design in shaping dynamic and inclusive work environments.

Photo Credits: Aaron Thompson

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