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Anthem Technology Center

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03.15.22 | Case Study — Quantum Single Butt-Glazed Content Hub

Anthem Technology Center - Atlanta, GA

Award-winning architecture and design firm, Nelson, partnered with Anthem Technology in midtown Atlanta to create a new workplace layout modeling their technological capabilities in a modernized interior space which has been honored with awards from the CMAA’s South Atlantic Chapter, ENR Southeast “Best Projects” and NAIOP Georgia.

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The 352,000-sqaure-foot, LEED silver-certified Technology Center serves as a hub for almost 3,000 professionals, whose wellbeing is encouraged by providing opportunities for impromptu interaction through Informal gathering areas.

Implementing a 95% open plan scheme that accommodates a free-address workspace model, Nelson divided the space into assigned neighborhoods for specific teams to provide an enhanced sense of community.

Recognizing the variety of individual workstyles and tasks, private offices and quiet nooks create separate areas for concentration and one-on-one conversations without losing ample access to natural light.

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Formal conference rooms behind Quantum Single Butt-Glazed glass walls promote group collaboration within the largely open floorplan. The glass walls complement the office’s neutral palette with warm walnut hinge doors and black framing finish.

With the installation of glass walls, several important considerations within the collaborative setting were addressed, including optimized acoustic performance, and sustainability requirements.

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Acoustic comfort is an essential element of designing a space that supports wellness and sustainability. In group workspaces, where noise levels and distractions can be high, an equally high STC rating is important. Addressing STC helps control the ambient noise, increase speech privacy, and decrease distractions caused by transient noise. Nelson helped Anthem Technology Center achieve a 36 STC rating for their office spaces and conference rooms, preventing noise transfer between rooms using full-height Quantum Single Butt-Glazed glass walls.

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In addition to noise reduction, an equally important component in designing a healthy work environment is natural light.

Utilizing interior glass wall systems is a sustainable design choice that helped to extend the daylight more deeply into the Anthem Technology office, maximizing the abundant sunlight shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Relying on more natural light reduces the building’s electrical and HVAC loads, energy use, as well as associated emissions and costs.

Designers of the building’s exterior, Portman Architects, concluded,

Design thinking can help address critical issues within the city, and can stimulate economic growth, improve the built environment, and create new goods and services. Simultaneously, the efficiency of local architecture and development projects has been optimized to further enhance people’s lives.

Portman Architects

INFINIUM is proud to have been selected to be a part of this office space fine-tuned for wellness and collaboration.

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